The checkmate server is a YgoPro server compatible with virtually any YgoPro client available.

To create a user, just login with a username and password of your choice. If the username is already taken, the server will notify you and your username will appear with a dash "-username". If the username is free, the account will be created immediately.

The first thing you see after entering the server is the Waiting Room.

To enter the duel room, select the checkbox near your name. You'll enter a random with random settings.
If you want to choose the duel settings or if you want to select the duel room, use the buttons.

Description of the buttons:


  • DUEL: Click here to select duel options.
  • SPECTATE: Here you can see the list of available duels, you can join one

Description of the text boxes:

  1. Your username
  2. Banner
  3. score and rank
  4. link to this site



If you clicked the DUEL button in the waiting room, the settings pannel will be shown to you.

To change a setting, use the [X] button near the row you want to change.

Description of the setting rows:

  1. Name of the page, you can't change this
  2. Name of the server, you can't change this
  3. Duel mode: SINGLE is a single duel, TAG is a duel 2vs2, MATCH is a 1vs1 best of three match, HANDICAP is a 1vs2 duel
  4. Banlist: you can select between OCG and TCG

Here you can see the list of available rooms.

To enter one, push the [x] button near the room you want to enter

You can duel a specific user.

From the waiting room, type "!challenge <username>" to challenge a friend to duel