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For the first time in a long while MLB The Show 19 adds two new modes to the core baseball game experience. These new modes 'March to October' and 'Moments' are very similar to modes that have been other sports games. Yet The Show adds the series' customary quality and polish to them so that they+ enhance an already great baseline experience. MLB The Show 19 won't set the sports video game world on fire but it's still another terrific title in PlayStation 4's ever-expanding list of exclusive games.

Perhaps the biggest addition is Moments, though, which allows you to either replicate or reverse the course of history by playing key games in baseball lore. Not only does this allow the title to showcase some of its new legendary players, but it also operates as a kind of history lesson, with archived footage really adding to the storylines of icons like Babe Ruth. There’s even a black-and-white filter, although retro stadiums would really add to the atmosphere of these challenges.

Elsewhere in Diamond Dynasty, the traditional online play feels sturdy, although server drop-outs can make committing to a nine inning game a little dicey. We’d still like to see a few more quick play options incorporated for time-strapped players, as it can be a bit daunting pledging your time to a full-length match – even if online players have a tendency to swing for every pitch, curtailing games with fly balls and copious strikeouts. Buy Cheap MLB 19 Stubs from,we promise 100% safety and fast delivery.

The commentary team returns for The Show 19 and gets a number of new lines, many of them being super specific, which helps to make the lines feel less generic. The game will also cut to dugout reports from MLB Network’s Heidi Watney, who will comment on game-specific information and statistics. Her interactions with the managers and players feels much more realistic than anything I’ve ever seen from a video game sideline reporter. On the whole, the ludicrous attention to detail in the presentation reminds me of ESPN NFL 2K5, which remains one of my all-time favorite sports games and has yet to be surpassed by Madden in this area some 15 years later. MLB The Show 19 is the new standard for virtual sports game presentation.

MLB The Show 19 doesn’t appear all that enticing on paper, but step up to the plate and its gameplay is still pretty much unparalleled. The significant improvements to fielding mean that the series now excels in every discipline, while additions like March to October provide an entertaining way to play in short bursts. Diamond Dynasty is arguably the best card collecting game on the PS4, and despite some dry commentary, the overall presentation is borderline obsessive with its sheer attention to detail. The biggest disappointment comes in the lack of meaningful additions to Franchise mode, but this is still a feature rich option even if it has been left largely untouched. Simply put, Sony San Diego’s hit yet another homerun.

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