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Fallout 76 Atoms Fallout 76’s official blog outlined some changes coming to the beleaguered game later this month and calling it underwhelming would be an understatement.

After last month’s update problems for Fallout 76 Bethesda is looking ahead to the first February update in their latest ‘Inside the Vault‘ blog post. Although patch notes aren’t available yet or an exact release date for the update Bethesda does offer a preview of some of what will feature in it. Specifically Bethesda is coming after the Fallout 76 Scorchbeasts with several tweaks and balancing changes as a result of player feedback.

Basically buy FO76 Caps Scorchbeasts and their Queen are getting some tweaks and that’s about it. To be fair Bethesda Game Studios indicated that these are a couple of changes coming for Patch 6 later this month meaning it’s not the only fix or feature in that update. But some in the game’s increasingly restive subreddit took it as a bad sign that these were the two highlights the weekly “Inside the Vault” post chose to pull out.

Additionally Bethesda requests that fans come to them with feedback about the creatures in Fallout 76 posing several questions to players which they can answer on the official Fallout 76 Forums:

“Which enemies are currently your favourites to fight? Why?”
“Which enemies do you currently dislike encountering? Why?”
“What makes an encounter with an enemy or creature fun or intriguing to you?”
“What types of enemies would you like to see added to Fallout 76 in the future? Why?”
“Other than legendary items what types of loot help a fight feel rewarding to you?”
“Would you like to see more challenging enemies added in the future that may require multiple players or a team to defeat? Why?”

A “known issues” post set up six days ago shows what Bethesda Game Studios is aware of and will be fixing in the next patch or a later update. Duplication exploits crashing and sever stability and the capacity of players’ stashes remain top concerns.

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