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However the more research I do, the more courses I wish to perform. . !!! And now when I see that the super weird feral druid (dps) guides and fury warrior tanks. . in naxx!? I'm not sure what's up and down . Maybe it ends up enhance shaman may be a top dps class too after all!? xD

This was a fantastic video but to me it had been aimed more at people with no feel of WoW or vanilla generally and not those of us who played in the fantastic ol' days. Feel free to make another video with a few more indepth information on the classes! I mean... I created a listing prioritising all classes in regards to what I wan na t perform the most. Mage was in the exact bottom together with all hunter. Reason being that I was constantly broke in vanilla and being able to pay for the 100% mount was a joke . Mages are extremely good at farming and I will enable me to have a rather solid core economy because of that.

. I really don't understand. I'm very afraid of what rogues are going to be able to do in PvP at the end game. People today play so far better in PvP today and together with all the naxx rogue dmg... how will you be able to deal with ability +equipment in PvP without playing pala or rogue yourself? Besides that I've a feeling there will be plenty of rogues now round... I feel like heading resto druid or disk priest for PvP but will the rogues destroy it completely?

Beginning as mage will also give me a feel of which leadership WoW Classic is going along with a better hands on expertise in relation to which courses seems the most appealing to me.Next issue is which faction to perform with. Per usual I'd go horde without a query... but I may have come up with a special macro that is precisely what I consider to be borderline broken.

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