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New TopicNews and announcementsAttachment I am giving away free points! (you can spam here)5478242686  Wed Jul 23, 2014 1:18 pm 
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New Topiccheckmate server support and feedbackhow to get 50 points012  Wed Jul 23, 2014 5:00 am 
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YuGiOh News   

· New North American World Champion
Congratulations to Korey McDuffie the new North American Champion!

· Top 8 Feature Match: Deon Akridge Versus Tahmid Zaman
Tahmid Zaman one of the only remaining Duelists not using Artifacts! Rather, he’s been winning Duel after Duel with Mythic Dragon Rulers! His opponent is Deon Akridge, using an Artifact variant packing Traptrix and the Hand monsters! The winner of this Match is guaranteed to be going to the World Championship in Italy. The loser […]

· Pairings: Top 4
Here are the Pairings for the Top 4. Table Player 1 vs. Player 2 1 Akridge, Deon Jordan vs. Trivedi, Tej S. 2 Nguyen, Jimmy TX vs. McDuffie, Korey Mitchell

· North America World Championship Qualifier Finals
It all comes down to Deon Akridge versus Korey McDuffie. Check out the live coverage at: http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/video/2014_YGOWCQ_live.html If you missed it please stay tuned to www.yugioh-card.com for more information on where you can watch the replays.

· Top 8 Feature Match: Sehabi Kheireddine Versus Jimmy Nguyen
Sehabi Kheireddine is the last Infernity Duelist remaining in the World Championship Qualifier. His opponent, Jimmy Nguyen, is one of five Duelists in the Top 8 relying on the new Artifact Monsters in Primal Origin, but is the only Duelist among them who is using neither Fire and Ice Hands nor Fire Fist Monsters in […]

· Top 16 Feature Match: Jimmy Nguyen Versus Joseph Slone
Artifacts are everywhere! Proving to be the big success story so far, various Artifact Decks are all over the Top 16, and Jimmy Nguyen, from Dallas, TX, is one of those successful Duelists! He’s up against the last Madolche Duelist in the tournament, Joseph Slone from Union, KY! Duel 1 Slone began with a hand […]

· Yugi Versus Astral: Live Duel!
The exciting Live Duel between Yugi (voice actor Dan Green) and Astral (voice actor Marc Thompson) has just concluded! If you missed the action here in Detroit, be sure to check out the replay when it becomes available look for more information at  http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/.

· Pairings: Top 8
Here are the Pairings for Top 8. Table Player 1 vs. Player 2 1 Akridge, Deon Jordan vs. Zaman, Tahmid Alvi 2 Trivedi, Tej S. vs. McCabe, Sean Patrick 3 Tolbert, Jovan Jonas vs. McDuffie, Korey Mitchell 4 Nguyen, Jimmy TX vs. Kheireddine, Sehabi

· Dragon Duel Top 4 Feature Match: Brandon Bird Versus Andrew Fruend
13-year-old Brandon Bird from North Carolina is Dueling against 12-year-old Andrew Fruend from Missouri in a Feature Match that will determine which one of these two Duelists will be invited to compete in the 2014 Dragon Duel World Championship on August 9th and 10th. Only the top 2 Dragon Duelists in North America will receive […]

· Out and About the NA-WCQ
The tournament is winding down, but there’s still plenty going on!


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